Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pulsar 220: Features Rich, Competitive Price!

Pulsar 220: Features Rich, Competitive Price!
PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia (BAI), sure, Pulsar 220 which was recently launched to compete in the premium segment motorcycles national facing Honda and Yamaha Scorpio Tiger. Its main weapon, feature-rich and more competitive price to $ 6 million-an. Pulsar 220 cost Rp 18.6 million on the road in Jakarta.

Projector Lamp
Interesting features of this bike-some of which have not been found on its competitors-that is the instrument panel that combines an analog display (tachometer) and digital (speedometer). The information displayed is two trip meters, fuel indicator, speed, air filters, oil temperature, oil volume, and battery.

Still on the instrument panel, for security, also planted beside a standard indicator which lights up if you have not bent to the inside (while driving). Lamp sein dilangkapi with automatic sensors that can turn off after we finished the handlebars, similar to that used in the car. Others, the main lights (headlights) projector style similar to that used luxury cars output current.

"We always give more added value in a product. The price we set for the Pulsar 220 is the most fitting for a sport bike: do not be more expensive or cheaper," said Vice President BAI Director Dinesh Kulkarni.

Without the Kick Starter
Although a lot of features, there are other riders who do not need a motorcycle owned by this, namely starter feet (kick-starter). Almost all motorcycle sport in Indonesia to use it. Indonesian Consumers were already accustomed to using it (especially when the battery is worn out).

source: otomotif.kompas.com