Saturday, September 17, 2011

2012 Yamaha YZF-R1 50th Anniversary Edition

Adjustable footrests can be raised 15mm upward and 3mm backward if desired.
New design lightweight aluminum rider footrest
Immobilizer ignition system is designed to reduce the possibility of "ride away" theft. This system must recognize the "coded ignition key" in order for the unit to start. If the immobilizer ignition does not recognize the key (or a thief's screwdriver or other type of "jimmy tool") the bike will not start even if the ignition is turned or forced into the on position. If the system does not recognize the coded chip in the ignition key, it will not allow the ignition system, fuel pump or starter motor to function.
Windshield features a "screw less" design for a cleaner, more trick appearance.
Slim design rear tail section.
The seating position offers a very sporty yet comfortable riding position.
Extensive use of hollow bolts and lightweight fasteners help trim overall weight.
Heavy-duty 50 series "O" ring drive chain.
New design 17 tooth drive sprocket reduces chain noise.
Low maintenance, lightweight, sealed battery.
Convenient fold out under seat bungee cord fastening straps.
The YZF-R1 50th Anniversary Edition offers a significant level of power and performance. It is not intended for novice or inexperienced riders