Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vario homage to Japanese Style

Vario homage to Japanese Style
Want to know the modifications scooter in Japan like? Incidentally ever go into the land of Sunrise, October 2009, modifications have nothing sekestrem in Indonesia. About her figure like a Honda Vario 2007 from Surabaya (East Java) plots the results Andit Kurniawan.

Matic modification of the flow of big Japanese, according to Andit's cool. Unfortunately, in Indonesia have not been marketed. Hence, the idea arose to make the Honda Vario 2007.

The focus of the initial work done on the frame and legs to remove the entire cover body and two wheels, which must not be used. He then cut centerbone Ranka. Because, to make big-matic, one way to lengthen centerbone.

"fortunately canterbone Vario has a single, so it is easier to extend the area," he said. How, after the cut given the 25-cm pipe fittings, automatic axle dimolorin participate up to 20 cm to create a retreat-retreat.

In addition gambot body, another characteristic modification Japan, big tires. Here Andit wear size 7x14 inch rims wrapped in 140/70-14 tires for front and rear.

Success frame and legs, the work transferred to the body. In this sector, he admitted he was inspired by two Yamaha products, ie, Tmax and Majesty. To raises big impression matic, the chest must be raised. The trick, use the dimensions of the main light. Choices, finally falling on a Honda CBR900.