Thursday, October 6, 2011

New 125 CC scooter from Honda

New 125 CC scooter from Honda preparing automatic honda 125, which put a stop system.rencananya dle of next year will be marketed. Liquid-cooled engine, 4-stroke, single cylinder engine gives priority to durability, minimal noise pollution, and fuel efficiency. Honda claims an average fuel consumption 25 percent more efficient than the engine currently used PCX. In addition to its lighter weight and more compact size, cardiac pacemaker uses low berfriksi technology that reduces friction in the combustion chamber.
The plan, this machine is used on Honda's new scooter in several countries of destination in the global markets begin to be marketed next year. Prediction, Indonesia would be among the first countries to accept these new motorized scooter launch next year. 700 cc At the same time, HMC has also introduced a new machine to fill the middle-class product. This machine is called the Honda has a great torque at all engine speed (bottom, middle, and upper) as well as efficient fuel consumption are mated to a dual clutch technology (dual clutch transmission). This new engine capacity of 700 cc, 4-stroke, two cylinder in line, and become one of the favorite segments in Europe. Fuel consumption 27 km per liter, 40 percent more efficient than competitors' products. What kind of figure that machine, can be seen on the new scooter Honda Integra that will be showcased in the event the EICMA international motorcycle exhibition 69th in Milan, November 2011. Honda also perfected a machine holder to 62 degrees more ramps to equip it with two transmission systems of Innovative Honda Dual Clutch Transmission and 6-speed manual. source: