Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Aprilia Shiver 750GT ABS Review

2012 Aprilia Shiver 750GT ABS Review
2012 Aprilia Shiver 750GT ABS
The Aprilia Shiver GT 750 raises the technological level of this segment and clearly distinguishes itself from competitors. A second generation ride-by-wire system throttle grip, 3 mapping systems directly controlled by the rider (Sport, Touring and Rain), brakes with radial callipers and ABS, a modular frame linked with steel tubular and aluminium side plates are brand new features for this middleweight engine 'sports touring' bike that makes the Aprilia Shiver GT 750 a superior and unique motorcycle.
2012 Aprilia Shiver 750GT ABS Model Highlights
The main features of the new Aprilia Shiver GT 750 are:
- A 90° V twin engine fitted with four valves per cylinder, double overhead camshaft and liquid cooling;
- Ride-by-Wire technology for the electronic throttle control with 3 mapping systems (Sport, Touring and Rain);
- Electronic injection system with cutting-edge injectors;
- Mixed gear/chain timing system;
- A high-torsional strength modular steel frame with aluminium plates;
- Aluminium swingarm with stiffener brace and adjustable lateral shock absorber;
- Upside-down fork with 43-mm stanchions;
- Brakes with front radial callipers;
- latest generation two-channel ABS system
- Front half-fairing with top fairing
- Glove boxes (one fitted with a lock) and a 12V electric socket
The rider becomes integral part of the bike, perfectly fitted into a short, agile, sports motorcycle. Optimised in wind tunnel experiments, the SHIVER GT offers the rider and the passenger a comfortable driving experience of a superior motorcycle with improved functions. V 90° ENGINE: PURE TECHNOLOGY
Aprilia Shiver GT 750 shares the same technical features with the naked bike version: a modern twin-cylinder V 90° Euro 3 engine, completely designed and developed by Aprilia. With the Sport mapping system, the engine behaviour is the thrilling sports performance of the Aprilia twin-cylinder engine. CHASSIS
Furthermore, the lateral adjustable single shock absorber is another distinctive feature of the Aprilia Shiver GT 750.
The great chassis architecture of Shiver GT, the easiest bike to ride among competitors, is combined to a superior braking system. BRAKES
The Aprilia SHIVER GT 750 offers the latest state-of-the-art technology for its braking system: radial callipers; a solution that heightens the sportiness of the design. The 240 mm rear disc fitted with single piston calliper gives adequate support to the front braking system.