Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 KTM 500 EXC Review

2012 KTM 500 EXC Review
• Map select switch on the handlebars for selecting different engine management mappings

• Camel SXS seat for improved long-distance comfort

• Engine guard made of high-strength plastic for protecting engine case and frame down tubes

• Radiator fan for optimising temperature control under extreme loads

• CNC-machined, orange-anodised triple clamps for high-precision clamping of the fork tubes in favour of optimum sliding of the telescopic fork

• Knock-out wheel spindle for easier removal of the front wheel

• Full brake disc at the rear for improved heat resistance and therefore reduced pad wear

• Rear brake disc protector for protecting the brake disc from mechanical damage

• Quick-change brake pad securing bolts at the rear for quicker changing of brake pads without tools

• Aluminium rear sprocket with riveted-on steel ring gear for a combination of reduced weight and increased durability

• Wheels with black-anodised, extremely robust Giant rims and spokes with a high-quality, black tin-nickel coating.

• The same design as the KTM factory bikes thanks to Six Days graphics, orange powder-coated frame, orange anodised triple clamps, orange anodised handlebars and anthracite anodised silencer

Reduced reciprocating weight and a balancer shaft minimise vibration.
The newly developed Keihin engine management system with electronic fuel injection ensures spontaneous responsiveness from the engine. The 450 EXC's new engine is equipped with a common oil circuit for engine and transmission, and two oil pumps. This intelligent multi-functionality contributes to the compactness and low weight of the 450 EXC's new engine.
The 450 EXC's cylinder has been further developed especially for the new engine configuration. The new, 15 % lighter forged piston minimises reciprocating weight and optimises durability at high engine speeds. New, nitrided piston rings ensure highest levels of resistance to wear.