Saturday, March 31, 2012

MotoGP:Nice to Spend Affirm Lorenzo Careers at Yamaha

Jorge Lorenzo said he would be happy if spent in the arena of MotoGP career with Yamaha. However, the 2010 world champion admitted, Yamaha also have to guarantee its future by providing a more competitive bike in 2012.

The Spaniard was immediately joined the Factory Yamaha team when making his debut in MotoGP in 2008. In his first season in the premier class, after two world titles won the 250 cc class, the tandem of Lorenzo became the legend that is now moving to Ducati, Valentino Rossi.

During his first three seasons, Lorenzo felt how the sweeping success of Yamaha's world title. However, last season Yamaha have outclassed Honda, which closed the era of 800 cc engine as the champion of the world. Although it failed to defend his world title, Lorenzo admits that they feel at Yamaha and did not want to move to another team when his contract finished at the end of 2012.

"When I first came to Yamaha in 2008, I've felt like being in a family," said Lorenzo. "The atmosphere is very nice. We have the perfect bike from 2008 to 2010. Last year was a difficult season. We do not have a very competitive bike. But, in general, we always have a very good package."

"So my first choice is a Yamaha. I want to end my career with Yamaha. If a competitive bike this year, I see no great motivation to change the brand."

Lorenzo said that Yamaha has made great strides during the winter. However, they still have to improve the electronic system.

"We are in the process of evolution, tried many things in every training session, the electronics, engine, chassis. We dispose of things that do not choose a better and obviously better," he said.

"We came to the conclusion that what we need is an electronic repair. For acceleration, we are still not perfect, the motor moves only slowly. If you could choose one thing to be improved, I would say the electronic system. '

"We're still very good when it entered the turn, and speed around the corner very quickly. We also increased the top speed at the end of the straight path. Acceleration and electronic is the main point where we should focus."