Monday, March 5, 2012

New pulsar 200NS

New pulsar 200NS. pulsar 200ns truly the world's first motor using three plugs in the engine, issued in India on 30th January. The revolutionary design of the machine is intended for performance, the emphasis of exhaust emissions, fuel efficiency as well. machine equipped with liquid cooling and controlled by the ECU, not only that, the pulsar is equipped with 200ns 6 speed transmission.

difference with previous products, this pulsar is using softbreker 200ns single, pressed steel chassis 200ns using perimeter frame. more unique exhaust in place in the middle of the frame makes this motorcycle truly new that will be a competitor of the other motorcycles.
also the monosok makes it very stable 200ns. Design a new speedo, a perforated upper triangular, and not behind the switch to handle the
Yala is in this 200ns.