Monday, April 16, 2012

Specification and price Honda PCX 150

after success with Honda PCX 125, Honda returned to the PCX 150 and this specification:

Specification and price Honda PCX 150

ESP (Enhanced Smart Power) 150cc PGM-FI engine, euro 3.
Low intelligence fiction.
V-Matic technology
Built-in liquid cool
Idling stop system
Alternator / starter
Hydrolic CBS 3 pots
Anti-theft alarm system
Side stand switch
Key shutter

Honda PCX 150:
Engine: 4 tak152, 9cc SOHC PGM-FI
Dimensions: 738 x 1917 x 1094 mm
Front tire: 90/90-14 M / C 46P
Rear tire: 100/90-14 M / C 46P
Battery: 12V, 5AH

price: there has been no official statement from Honda, but the price of USD 32.05 million the previous version