Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Motorcycle accessories

Motorcycle accessories,Jaket

Motorcycle jackets are made from a combination Contin Ballistic Materials D-1682 combined with a strong D-300 Cordura material Polyspun a waterproof ( Waterproof level of total 75% ) and 100% windproof ( windproof) .
Synthetic Leather Panel ( Oscar) in the chest area as a wind shield and silencer.
Double Liner ( Line / Features) : Liner and Soft Mesh Vest ( waistcoat) a removable liner on the inside.
Removable Armor Protector ( Protector) of High Density Rubber on the shoulders and elbows.
Secure Piping / Reflective line marked Contin to reflect light at night.
Ventilation holes in the fabric that has a zipper on the side of the chest for cooling purposes.
Strech Panel - Frill on the elbows for freedom to move.
Fine material at the end of his wrists and collar for comfort of use.
Two pouch pockets on the outside and a pouch pocket on the inside, with two additional pockets on the removable vestnya.


Premium version is touring jacket patterned output Contin red wine on the back, shoulders and chest. Contin Speedtrap Red Jacket features the most complete in terms of security, comfort and fashionable.
Speedtrap Red Jacket has a few parts of the armor vest and rubber protector ( on the shoulder and elbow) , removable, unique and flexible. Contin Speedtrap Red Jacket was a perfect match of a rider to break through all obstacles and challenges on the road. But always remember, keep safe riding is the best ... : )
Speedtrap Contin JACKET PRICE: Rp. 590, 000, -/ Pcs ( minimum order 12Pcs)