Saturday, May 26, 2012

Unique Electric Motorcycle

Unique Electric Motorcycle
Recorded quite a lot of countries have created an electric motorcycle, but this one is slightly different from most of two-wheeled green tech. Biiista his name, the creation of Austria Hammerschmid Maschinenbau company, which makes me curious because it is not known what is stored in the one-piece body.

Let me not curious, in any simple aluminum chassis to hold the battery 5 kWh to supply source to a 10.5 kW electric motor with torque of 210Nm, which was centered on the rear wheels. Then, one-sided swing arm.

unique handlebars

Still on the inside, especially under the handlebars have a design similar to locust antennae. Saved from the trunk canal that connects the handlebars to the steering system (above). So, when they wanted to deflect the wheel (like unto to the right), just pulled it right handlebar. So also if you want to turn left (pull the left handlebar).

Be so because the front wheel is held by a double swing arm that juts into the (rather like sokbreker). Swing arm serves as a holder under the wheels, while the instrumental system associated with the steering.

Biiista which has a weight of 140 kg is capable of racing with a top speed of 100 kph with the furthest distance is also about 100 kilometers in a fully charged battery. 80 volt battery a full charge that takes two hours.

In addition to its unique shape with lights hidden under the front hood of the taper end to resemble a bird's beak, the process takes about two years.