Saturday, November 13, 2010

new motorcycles, kawasaki ninja 400r

new motorcycles, kawasaki ninja 400r
this is the new Ninja 400R from Kawasaki. increasingly mantabs were in the streets, other advantages of this motor is, the fuel tank High
Higher fuel tank design contributes to the appearance of compact motors, Minimal vibration
Rubber used for the upper-rear engine and handlebar, and rubber-coated to minimize vibration for rider footpegs
- Aggressive Ninja, a fusion of taste and sophistication of the model that cool modern street bike
- Full-fairing bodywork added protection against blowing wind
- High attention to detail in high quality similar to the Ninja 650R
- The instrument panel MotoGP inspired multi-function display including fuel meter, digital speedometer and digital tachometer-style bar.
Built-in front turn signals
- Under engine exhaust
- LED tail lamps
- Spakbor under
- Sculpted swingarm
more spesification kawasaki ninja 400r