Friday, April 8, 2011

Suzuki GW250 new motorcycles

2011 New motorcycles from Suzuki, kemunculanya will be a topic of interest, the article brings motorcycle 250cc engine, which will be a competitor ninja 250 cbr 250 and the other. GW Suzuki certainly has been decent and fit for the consumer.

Suzuki GW250, the possibility of a model for the answer to the Suzuki 250cc motorcycle market. Suzuki GW250 CIMA shown in exhibitions in China. When you see Suzuki GW250 You can clearly see that Suzuki's designers borrowed some design features from the Suzuki B-King, if the design looks naked and live up to the original concept Suzuki motorcycle show in China showed that Suzuki hopes to become a serious player in the 250cc motorcycle market .

But Suzuki's specifications for the GW250 is still based on the specifications shown in the exhibition of China-motor.

It is unknown whether Suzuki will produce the GW250 Suzuki in Thailand, but even if they are not regionally bound to keep prices down. We hope soon to see GW250 Suzuki dealer immediately Suzuki, Suzuki asserts that the distribution area is not scheduled before 2012.