Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2005 Yamaha R1

there are only a few minor differences, between the Yamaha r1 from year to year, which clearly Yamaha r1 always say, the best motor in its class.

iamge source: totalmotorcycle.com

The 2004 - R1 dominated Superbike racing in Canada by winning 6 out of 8 eight races and once again powered Pascal Picotte to the Canadian Superbike championship. For 2005 the R1 has received some minor ''tweaking'' to insure that it maintains it position as the dominate open class super sport machine in Canada. Not so obvious is that years of Yamaha liter-bike evolution have produced a machine that offers unsurpassed refinement, control, and confidence.

Furthermore, the tendency for wheelies by earlier productions was reduced by changing the geometry of the frame and weight distribution. The conventional front brake calipers were replaced by radially-mounted calipers, activated by a radial master cylinder.