Sunday, May 15, 2011

2007 Yamaha r6

FEATURES from 2007 Yamaha r6go to Yamaha r6
• Cylinder head design features ultra lightweight titanium valves for both intake and exhaust. The intake valves are 27mm in diameter while the exhaust valves are 23mm.
• Single intake valve springs reduce weight and "friction" for optimum high rpm performance. • Lightweight magnesium head and case covers reduce weight.
• Lightweight forged pistons feature thin top rings for great high rpm power. The lightweight design means fast engine response.
• Lightweight crankshaft features 31mm bearing journals. • Mikuni fuel injection system with 41mm throttle bodies features twin injectors (primary & secondary). Special short intake tracts allow for higher rpms and improved power.
• High capacity cooling system features a curved radiator with dual ring-type fans for excellent engine cooling efficiency. This design reduces weight and maximizes cornering clearance. • High powered 32 bit electronic control unit actually contains three ECUs inside the main ECU to control the FI system, the YCC-T system and the ignition system.
• Immobilizer ignition system is designed to reduce the possibility of "ride away" theft. • Adjustable front brake lever