Friday, May 6, 2011

Close Yamaha Factory in Spain

Close Yamaha Factory in Spain, After closing five factories in Japan, July 2010, Yamaha re-do in Palau-Solita i Plegamans, north of Barcelona, ​​Spain, as a result of the impact of financial crisis in 2008. For the motorcycle market in the City of Matador will be supplied from the factory of Saint-Quentin, France.

Step garputala brand makes the company must lay off 420 employees at the plant capable of producing 130,000 motorcycles per year. Last year alone, the plant produces only 96,000 units. "All over the world and in Europe a similar condition, recorded decline in sales that forced Yamaha to take steps to restructure its industrial capacity," said Yamaha was quoted as saying by AFP.

This year, in addition to closing the factory, Yamaha continues to remuneration of directors salary reduction has been done since 2010. Gradually, Yamaha officials pay cut to 15-30 percent per month and no annual bonus.

"Reducing the salaries at the level of directors is still running the period January to June 2011, and then evaluated again it goes," said Yamaha.

Yamaha is also created two main areas which became the main focus in the global motorcycle business. The first business unit covering Asia, China, South and Central America. The second unit includes, Europe, North America, Oceania, and Japan.

Both these areas will be worked seriously to prepare some special division, among others, Business Planning Division, Division of Cost Planning, Marketing and Sales Division, Asia and the Division of Marketing and Sales of China and Central and South America.