Thursday, May 5, 2011

Honda spacy - Broader

Honda spacy Broader, Procession of the launch of Honda spacy in JIExpo, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, yesterday (04/05/2011), immediately followed by the first session of the ride for journalists. Describe the character of the Honda scooter which is positioned head-to-head with rivals Yamaha Mio Soul is this?

Each journalist was given a chance to round the track three times. That opportunity is sufficient to know the basic character-engined 108 cc scooter is because the track complete with several obstacles. Starting from the straight path winding road 200 meters to the limited array of used tires.

It was a relief when sitting on these motors. The impression ergonomic feel with slick tread soles on the asphalt. Dimensions 1841 x 660 x 1094 mm (length, width, and height) spacy quite ideal for the average person's body posture Indonesia. For riders fat with 178 cm tall and weighs 110 kg, for example, sitting position and still feel comfortable because the space width footrest. Even when the road is straight, the elbow has not been in contact with the thigh, except when turning.

Fun, when traveling to the mall, market, or reception, the driver or passengers also do not have a headache thinking about saving helmet where. Spacy enough trunk space to store the head protector. Selaini, the security system is still the same as any other Honda scooter. Machines do not want to live if the standard tilt still attached (automatic switch stand).

"spacy target segment is very different from the BEAT. If BEAT created initial consumer who wants to have a compact motorcycle, the spacy for families because of its dimensions more easily. This is according to the philosophy of his name, spacy," explained Auddie Wiranata, AHM marketing director, told Compass. com.