Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kawasaki klx 140

Kawasaki KLX400 When the other brands here noticed a gap in their lineups, they fired up the R&D machine and developed a bike to fill the gap. The seat height is not especially low, but the seat is soft and cushy. Otherwise, the kawasaki KLX is the off-road spiritual brother to a Cadillac: plenty of power, supple suspension and ample comfort.
At a trail pace, the KLX is super-plush, easy to ride and pleasant. Bump up to race pace, though, and the 283-pound KLX is less happy. I could feel the extra weight of the electric starter. This would be a good bike for the average trail rider. Elmer Symons
Whatever off-road bike I have gets used for a race bike for a few, select events. Karel Kramer