Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Suzuki Hayate

At first look the Suzuki Hayate 125 does not seem that special. So what is the Suzuki Hayate 125? The Suzuki Hayate 125 is what I would consider Suzuki's answer to the Honda Wave so successful 125, such as Honda Wave Suzuki Hayate is a all round motorcycle that does everything as long you feed him gasoline.

Engine lubrication with lubrication system created its own Suzuki, Suzuki Advanced Lubrication & Cooling System, which forced lubrication to the most distant parts of the machine. Transmission of the Suzuki Hayate is with belt CVT /-V, provide a smooth with a belt transmission auto step-less. Suzuki Hayate 125 base suspension is telescopic, coil spring, oil damped front suspension and conventional double-tube shocks, oil damped rear suspension. With front and rear spoke wheels equipped with 220mm front disc brakes and 190mm rear drum brake.

Our final conclusion is that the Suzuki Hayate 125 is creating a motorcycle to anyone looking for the Honda Wave, but want a little more.