Saturday, June 11, 2011

Prince William Given Gifts Diavel Ducati Carbon

Happiness is seemingly being enveloped in UK families, because the prince who was in the second line to the throne of England, after Pang Entered the era of Charles, William has been married to Kate Middleton.
As quoted from autoevolution, Sunday (01/05/2011), as a gift on her wedding day, William is rumored to receive a motorcycle unit. Not just any motorcycle, but one unit Diavel Ducati Carbon.
Prince William himself preached climb avid motorcycle. The last motorcycle he message is the production of SP 1198 Ducati 2011.
Whoever gives the bike, but the buyer asked that the handle of the motor is engraved with the wedding date. Reportedly motor immediately sent to a place in Berkshire.
Diavel Ducati Carbon reinforced with a machine with a machine similar to 1198SP. Ducati Testastretta engine that is 11 ° with a capacity of 1198 cc.
Adopted from the Superbike machine can issue a power of 162 hp and 127.5 Nm of torque. With the power of the Diavel could run from 0-100 km / h within 2.8 seconds.