Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The bike was auctioned in Britain

Dozens of classic motorcycles sold at Bonhams by the organizers of the event "Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show," in Stafford, England, October 16, 2011. Of all the "iron horse" that will be auctioned, there are several production units of Japan and Italy, included in the category of rare.
One concern is the 864cc Ducati Mike Hailwood Replica 1979 production is still in good shape, the speedometer is still below the 23,000 mile (37,014). This motor is pretty historic for being the first model that is able to demonstrate ability in the world of Ducati racing era of the 1980s. Offered in original condition, without modification, valued at 7000-10000 pounds or Rp97, 6 ​​we get to Rp139, 4 million.

Another legendary motor is Villa V4 250cc engine, is a replica of the mounts Francesco Villa who dominated Grand Prix racing in 1969, shortly before the FIM motor racing began restricting the maximum use of two-cylinder engine. This motor has been rebuilt using the original components and is predicted to be worth pounds 25000-34000 (Rp348, 5 million - Rp474 million).

Also there is a 1971 production 750SFC Laverda motorcycle racing and marketed by a British importer, Slater Brothers. This motor is also nicknamed the "leaping Lena" and never conquer Silverstone, England by Ray Knight rider for Motorcyclist magazine Illustrated. The first owner of this unit is Jim Berkheimer in 1975, founder and president of the Laverda Owners Club. The unit is quite special and have a value estimated at between 35,000 to 40,000 pounds (Rp488 million - Rp557, 7 million).

While from Japan, there are several collections of Kawasaki motorcycles, including the oldest H1 1969 Kawasaki 498cc engine capacity cost is estimated at 8000-10000 pounds. In addition, there is also Z2 746cc production Kawasaki 1973, Kawasaki Z1 (1973), Kawasaki Z1A 903cc (1974) and Kawasaki Z1B 903cc (1975).

source: http://otomotif.kompas.com/read/2011/08/16/14172488/Puluhan.Motor.Klasik.Dilego.di.Inggris