Monday, September 19, 2011

KTM 125 Duke ASEAN's Log

Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, KTM 125 Duke officially unveiled to the ASEAN. Singapore was chosen as the first country to do in Rochester Restaurant last weekend.

Unexpectedly, 20 units are sold at Duke's 125 Singapore dollars per unit 9500 or the equivalent of Rp67, 1 million per unit sold. Pretty expensive! But, do not be discouraged yet, the article of the tax burden that must be paid by consumers to have a vehicle in Singapore is larger than Indonesia. One was the famous Vehicle Ownership Tax and not to mention the road tax and vehicle age (age above 10 years).

Duke marketed to Singapore through its dealers and has been marketing DirtWheel other models such as the Duke 690, Duke 990, do not miss some other superbike models. Selvaraj Narayana, KTM's Director of Sales and Logistics South East Asia region said, this product is the result of production from the Chakan plant in Pune, India Bajaj production sites.
"But, since this model first, so the first 20 units shipped from India to Austria, then shipped to Singapore," said Narayana, as reported by BikesAdvice, (22 / 8).
After Singapore, further Narayana, KTM Malaysia aiming for a launch in the near future. "We plan to introduce this motorcycle in Malaysia within the next few days and Malaysian Prime Minister (Najib Razak) be the special guest, because he who opened the hood next to the community, 'Narayana beber.
Why not choose Indonesia KTM Duke to launch 125? Of the outstanding issues, Indonesia is also assigned to the Duke 200 will be marketed in India. Until now, the unit reportedly still in the development of collaboration technologies KTM and Bajaj.
Directors of PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia, Tomotaka Ishikawa also recommends KTM if you want to market products in Indonesia have a higher engine capacity of 125cc. He considered, consumers in Indonesia are still fond of a capacity large machine so hoping for more power. "Image 125cc bike was not too good in Indonesia, especially when the selling price is high. They want more, this is what we recommend to KTM when going to market the unit here (Indonesia)," said Tomotaka.