Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dry battery vs wet battery

Currently, whose name dry battery (maintenance free) is no longer a rare commodity. Many are already feeling the benefits. Not only free treatment, but also not damage the motor. That is, if the battery's wet steam or water spillage "evil" and instantly react when exposed frame of the bike. Paint can be ingested, the result, parts of it so rusty. If the volume of water coming out the battery from the battery that much, even battery acid corroded parts can be quite a lot and eat the iron frame. 

How much is it? First, the price seems much more expensive dry batteries. I still think so until two months ago. However, that changed when I bought the battery. In the same place, the price was cheaper than the battery dry battery wet. Unfortunately not the same brand, so I can only take tentative conclusions. In the garage, wet batteries for Tiger price GS 215 thousand, while the dry battery production Toyo only 180 thousand.

The difference is pretty much right ... By weight, it's still the same weight. That is, the dry battery is lighter. He said the hell, it's not supposed to be dry batteries, because in it there is water battery, too ... So better be called maintenance free batteries. What about durability? Friends some say, the battery dry battery seawet not wet! I myself have not been proven ..., the battery dry, when it drop, battery, cells are easily damaged, while the battery gets wet, water can still replace the battery and shocked again. However, for those who do not diligently caring for wet batteries, might be shorter age tuh .. Bro Perhaps there is knowledge about the battery life of wet and dry battery?