Thursday, December 8, 2011

2012 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS Review

2012 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS Review
The Touring Rig with a Sport Heart
Expertly mixing high performance and long-distance functionality, the Concours™ 14 ABS inspires riders to pull out their big maps and harness the full capabilities of this sport touring motorcycle. Continuing the 26-year tradition of sport touring, the Concours offers just the right ratio of technology, comfort and reliability that coax riders to soak up the miles.
The Concours 14 boasts several features that enhance comfort, convenience and safety, solidifying its position atop the sport touring heap. The bike’s K-ACT (Kawasaki Advanced Coactive-braking Technology) braking system offers two modes of linked, anti-lock braking and great overall performance. The Concours 14 engine generates excellent low- and mid-range power, all followed by a top-end rush that would turn most open-class sportbikes green with envy. Concours 14 ABS: A high-speed touring ship with unquestionable supersport DNA. TRANSCONTINENTAL SUPERSPORT
Blistering speed … Precision handling … Touring comfort … 1400GTR ABS… The world’s first transcontinental supersport motorcycle.
Flagship Tourer

Fueling your distance riding ambitions, the 1400GTR with unique to class variable hydraulic valve timing, linked brakes and advanced traction control shrinks maps and confidently crosses continents.