Monday, December 5, 2011

2012 Kawasaki ER-6n

2012 Kawasaki ER-6n Review
2012 Kawasaki ER-6n ABS
Contemporary design any rider will love
2012 Kawasaki ER-6n Features and Benefits
All-new double-pipe perimeter-style frame
The double-pipe design of the new frame, made from high-tensile steel, contributes to the bike’s lightweight appearance.

Taller fuel tank
The fuel tank is 20 mm taller, helping to visually concentrate the ER-6n’s mass at the front of the bike.
Lighter Handling
The rigidity balance of the double-pipe frame and swingarm contributes to a lighter, easier handling package. Rigid-mount engine is a stressed member, contributing to the frame’s idealised rigidity balance.
Revised suspension has longer stroke front and rear, offering both sporty handling and enhanced comfort. Rear shock length and stroke are 2 mm longer; front fork is 15 mm longer with 5 mm longer stroke to match the rear. The longer strokes enable lower spring rates. Under-engine muffler with larger volume and revised internal construction delivers increased torque in the everyday range below 7,000 rpm. The increased performance facilitates control at lower rpm and contributes to the enhanced enjoyment of the new ER-6n.

Intake ducts through frame tubes

New instruments
Raised tick marks on the tachometer dial face, a bubble lens and elevated instrument frame construction contribute to the instrumentation’s greater legibility as well as a high-quality image.

Optional ABS
Compact new ABS unit has a more advanced processor that enables more precise ABS control.
Revised muffler internal construction and catalyser layout ensure clean emissions that will pass stringent Euro-III regulations.

More compact headlamp
Angular design of the stacked dual headlamp helps maintain the identity of the ER-6n while contributing to the sharp new street-fighter style looks.

Compact, quick-revving engine with stronger low-mid range
The ER-6n’s Parallel Twin engine configuration was chosen as the best balance of good power characteristics and compact size. Engine tuning delivered both a rider-friendly character ideal for new riders and performance to put a smile on the faces of more experienced motorcyclists. The engine’s compact size was one of the keys to realising the ER-6n’s slim package.
Increased Comfort
Ergonomic passenger grips are positioned to make them easy for tandem riders to grab. Seat bracket is rubber-mounted at the front to reduce vibration transfer.

New swingarm
Following the lines of the frame and rear shock, the swingarm also features the new double-pipe design, complementing the design of the frame and contributing to the ER-6n’s high-quality appearance. The swingarm’s gull-arm style design on the right side enables the more aggressive angle of the muffler.

Revised shrouds
Front turn signals, previously built-in to the shrouds, are mounted on the headlamp shroud. quality appearance.
Sharper tail cowl
An offset laydown rear single-shock suspension flows smoothly from the frame to the swingarm.