Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2012 Kawasaki W800 Review

2012 Kawasaki W800 Review, Classic Beauty + Vintage Ride Feel + Historic Roots
Classic Beauty

Beautiful Appearance Care of Meticulously Sculpted Forms-Visual impact from air-cooled Vertical Twin engine with iconic bevel-gear- driven-cam- Classic image from well-balanced chassis with large-diameter wheels- Meticulous attention to detail- Simple yet elegant muffler design
Metal Parts
Add Radiance and Authentic Quality- Metal parts used in favour of plastic throughout- Deep chrome and buffed engine covers add to high-quality finish- Even small parts are formed of blacked-out aluminium- Corrosion-resistant parts ensure lasting beauty.
Vintage Ride Feel
Vertical Twin Rich in Character
The strong low-mid range torgue enhances the unhurried pleasure of the vintage ride.

Electronic Fuel Injection
Metal...Not Plastic!
Large Diameter Wheels
Newly designed tank emblems, finished in chrome, contribute to the high quality appearance.
Adjustable levers

5-way adjustable clutch lever and 4-way adjustable brake lever enable riders to fine-tune lever span.
Front brake

Single 300 mm front disc brake offers sure stopping power.
Classic-styled Engine

"Building a beautiful engine" was a key concept when designing the air-cooled Vertical Twin. Traditionally styled front fork

Traditionally styled front fork uses rubber gaitors to protect the fork tubes and ensure long fork seal life.