Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 KTM Freeride E

2012 KTM Freeride E
As the first of the major motorcycle companies, KTM has taken on the challenge of developing a purely electrically driven off-road sport motorcycle for mass production. Developed in-house, the electric motor drives the Freeride not just with a great dynamism, but also without emissions and almost silently. Like any KTM, the Freeride E is about pure riding enjoyment.
KTM is already electrified and welcomes future challenges.
In 2012, the time has come – as the world’s first motorcycle manufacturer , KTM offers a racing off-road bike with electric drive. With its first Zero Emission motorbike, the global leader in off-road motorcycles launches an electrically-driven off-road sport bike to prove that riding fun and environmental sustainability are perfectly compatible.
KTM’s courageous and logical approach is called Freeride E. A revolutionary bike, a 100% genuine KTM regarding technology,
quality and sporting performance, which at the same time uses a powertrain technology thought to be nearly impossible to realize
in a sport motorcycle until today. New Challenge – New Technology – Proven Chassis
Thanks to its high-torque electric motor, the Freeride E is very easy to ride as it has neither a gearbox nor a clutch. Just as the other KTM models, the Freeride E benefits from the company’s focus on uncompromising lightweight design across all
components. Ultra-light 21-inch front and 18- inch rear wheels, compression and rebound adjustable suspension and an outstanding braking system with a four-pot calliper up front and a two-pot counterpart on the rear make the Freeride E a genuine KTM.