Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Piaggio Beverly Sport Touring 350 Review

2012 Piaggio Beverly Sport Touring 350 Review
2012 Piaggio Beverly Sport Touring 350
The range of the Piaggio high wheel best-seller is now enhanced with a new sport model: introducing Beverly SportTouring.

The new Beverly SportTouring is the first scooter to be equipped with ABS/ASR in order to take maximum advantage of performance without ever sacrificing complete safety.
The new SportTouring has a combined braking system or, the first scooter in the world, a built in ABS system with ASR traction control for maximum safety even in emergency and poor grip conditions.
To handle its enhanced performance, the new SportTouring mounts a larger 150/70 rear tyre in order to guarantee the maximum in terms of stability and road holding.

2012 Piaggio Beverly Sport Touring 350 Model Highlights
A new engine: minimum space, maximum performance.
On the Beverly SportTouring the brand new single cylinder 350, 4 stroke, 4 valve, electronic injection and water cooled engine makes its debut - state of the art Piaggio Group technology in scooter engines.
This is an engine designed to provide performance comparable to a 400 cc engine, but with compact dimensions and reduced weight in line with a 300 cc engine.
A special automatic lubrication system guarantees constant cooling of the system in any operating conditions.
Minimum size and maximum performance, for greater savings: thanks to the new engine, the management costs of the Beverly SportTouring are kept at the same level as a 300 scooter, while offering a reduction of maintenance expenses. Once again, the new Beverly SportTouring's technology provides agility, efficiency and riding pleasure at the highest levels.
While maintaining the great agility and handling of an urban commuter, the new Beverly SportTouring ensures top-of-the-class road holding, thanks in part to the large wheels with double 5-spoke light alloy rims (16" x 3.00" up front and 14" x 3.50" at the rear) and large tyres (110/70 and 150/70 respectively).
Combined braking, ABS and ASR: powerful and safe in any situation.
In terms of active safety, the new Beverly SportTouring does not shy away from confrontation, thanks to its powerful braking system, at the top of its category. The front brake sports a large 300 mm semi-floating disc, where a 3-piston floating calliper operates, while a 240 mm disc is mounted at the rear. Thanks to the ASR, output power is automatically reduced when the sensors detect imminent skidding of the rear wheel. Even at first glance, the Beverly SportTouring stands out with its smoked windshield which, besides emphasising its sport spirit, improves aerodynamic protection for the rider.