Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 Piaggio X10 350 Review

2012 Piaggio X10 350
Modern, sinuous and enveloping look, a rich endowment and maxi performance.
The X10 is born, the latest heir of the glorious Piaggio GT line: a true flagship on two wheels, for those looking for maximum comfort in a maxi scooter with all-Italian elegance.
Electric adjustment of the rear suspension, dual ABS and ASR system, parking brake integrated into the stand, everything about the new X10 is designed to ensure comfort, maximum functionality and total safety. And then there is the on-board computer with LCD screen, backlit controls, large windshield, triple glove compartment and a generous boot.
With the new Piaggio X10 travel is an everyday luxury.
Piaggio X10 is a true flagship on two wheels with its elegant design, characterized by an innovative alternation of complex surfaces and volumes; a new generation of vehicle designed to meet the most advanced mobility requirements: performance benchmark combined with great comfort and handling, to deal with longer distances in total comfort, but also for smoothly moving around the city in complete safety.
Piaggio X10 provides the urban commuter with an excellent load capacity, thanks to its large helmet compartment - with mat, courtesy light, 12V socket, and able to comfortably accommodate two flip up helmets - and three glove-boxes in the leg shield back plate.
Offered in three different modern, eco friendly and high performance engines, - 125, 350 and 500 - Piaggio X10 is able to meet the daily mobility requirements of the most diverse users, offering a wide range of customization possibilities.

A unique style
An upper lid contains the 11 warning lights that indicate the operation of high-beams, turn indicators, reserve, oil pressure, warning (injection), immobilizer, ABS, ASR, hazard and starter inhibition.
To the left are the acoustic buzzer button, the turn indicators one and the high-beam/low-beam/flashing command.
Comfortable and practical seat cover.
The new Piaggio X10 also offers the maximum in terms of load capacity.
2012 Piaggio X10 350 Model Highlights
The most experienced and savvy scooter riders - constantly searching for the highest synthesis of performance, compactness and low power consumption - will be oriented towards the brand new Piaggio 350 engine.
Chassis and brake system
The 5-spoke wheel rims are 15" in front (tyre 120/70) and 13" to the rear (tyre 150/70).
Piaggio X10 is equipped with a sophisticated braking system with dual disc of 280 mm on the front and single disc of 240 mm at the rear, standard equipped with the combined braking system, and, on option, the ABS/ ASR double system (Acceleration Slippery Regulation).
A divider valve calibrates the pressure of the front brake depending on the rear one, so as to allow greater braking performance while at the same time avoiding locking the front wheel early on difficult surfaces, which do not guarantee optimal handling.
The sensors communicate with a 3-channel hydraulic control unit that activates the ABS system when one of the two wheels decelerates sharply compared to the vehicle, preventing locking of the wheels and ensuring stable and efficient braking of the vehicle even on surfaces with a low coefficient of friction.