Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lambretta Prepare Two New Models, LJ and LT

Lambretta Prepare Two New Models, LJ and LT, Having introduced the latest series Lambretta LS and LN. Jadul scooter manufacturer to life is increasingly aggressive. Reportedly there will be two models of scooters are thrown into the market again.

The latest series is the LJ and LT. In appearance, they actually like Lambreta LN. But some of the details set it apart. As seats are set apart as a classic scooter and head lamp which was moved to the front body, no longer on the handlebars.

In addition Lambretta also prepare a new engine for both. Lambretta LJ will have a 4-stroke engine with three valves of the cylinders and cooling water. Moderate LT will be equipped with engines 50cc 2-stroke air-cooled.

Choice of this machine is actually much different from the baseball Vespa competitor who is also reborn with a more modern design. Vespa also has a 4 stroke engines and 2 stroke CVT transmission with engine capacities ranging from 50 cc to 250 cc above.

Though it was exhibited in late 2011 EICMA ago but there is no certainty when two Lambretta will be produced and sold en masse.

If the design, which is more interesting this Lambretta or Vespa series? (