Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yamaha Launches New Color Byson Gold!

Yamaha Launches New Color Byson Gold! After launching the white color and the New New Jupiter Jupiter MX Z, now turn Byson launched with a new color. Yamaha's flagship sport bikes have two new colors. That is solid gold and black, as well as new striping.

Yamaha Factory Racing rider Jorge Lorenzo on his visit to Jakarta last week launched a Byson gold was asked directly in front of participants Yamaha dealer meeting at the Sentul International Convention Center (15 / 1).

"The new Byson very special because for the first time a handsome gold color and classy as one of the world's color trends presented by Yamaha in the segment of motor sport for the first time in Indonesia," Dwi open Indra Sundas, PR & Corporate Communication Head Yamaha Indonesia.

"While the solid black color to meet the demand of consumers who want a color that makes Byson appear more handsome and manly," he continued.
Solid black color replaces the color gray in the previous Byson. So Byson now available luxury five colors: gold, solid black, blue mighty, brave modern red and white.

Meanwhile, graphic design is more sporty and handsome. Inspiration concept of space fighter made ​​of solid steel with the two ends of a sharp plane.

The new striping Byson attached to the tank, shroud and the rear body of water. This brand-new Byson also been Aho (Automatic Headlight On). The price is USD 20.14 million (on the road to Jakarta and surrounding areas) and began to be marketed in February. (