Saturday, November 20, 2010

kawasaki ninja 150RR

kawasaki ninja RR Super KIPS (Kawasaki Integrated Powervalve System)
System mechanism of valve / valve controlling the exhaust gas in the exhaust port. In the high-rev engine, the valve will open, serves to generate a response and maximum engine power. At low rpm the valve closes and prevents waste combustion mixture (including the element of hydrocarbon / HC, which in ordinary 2-stroke engines would be wasted) so that the levels of HC produced in the rest of the exhaust gas becomes low.

Super Electrofussion Cylinder
Cylinder wall coating system with materials Molybdenum and High Carbon Steel, processed using very high voltage electric current, thus forming a thin metal layer is very strong. The surface layer has pores that can absorb and hold oil lubricant that prevents friction cylinder wall with piston. Therefore, no excessive amount of oil needed for lubrication process, thereby reducing the density of smoke generated in the flue gases of combustion.

Carburator setting
Setting the carburetor in such a way that provides the supply of fuel and air mixture in the optimal composition, to increase the power of the engine and exhaust gas emissions are good, without the side effects of excessive engine heat.