Friday, November 19, 2010

modification honda CBR250R

modification honda CBR250R of five units and one of the following engine exhaust that looks in. Of the five motorcycle sport, three of whom had received a light touch or modified.

Interestingly, one of which works far better mugen which is identical to the modified four-wheel-owned Honda. , changes only to the body, while the engine is not obtained concrete data because the HMC does not provide information.

Touch that made Mugen looked at knlapot model that can boost energy. To confirm as a sport bike, black design given lip red rim reads Mugen.

In the body, the fairing given wind patterns that pull the red line with sepatbor front and connects with the saddle wrapped in red leather. Finally, make the rider footrests replaced a more sporty and the top of the tank is given a golden color.

While CBR 250R Honda claim the other one alone (original equipment performance Honda). The touch is done is more in appearance.

As exhaust protector, the standard model is replaced with carbon fiber material. Standard footrests rider was racing style. Then, cover the left and right engine protector given, adjusted to grip the gas tank and fairing the color red, including cap also houses the brake oil.

To the front, just sepatbor being replaced with carbon fiber material. Second grip design mirror also changed.