Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brake Discs and their role

brake discs and their role, for braking is actually more effective, but whether they fit with the type of bike? because the rear wheels more weight than the front wheels.
Be careful if you buy a bike that has disc brakes on rear wheels. As it turns out the rear wheel disc brakes on motorcycles in Indonesia was not equipped with ABS (Antilock Braking System) or anti-lock braking system.

This is very dangerous because when motorists are in a state of emergency or tense muscle reaction to work faster and harder so that motorists tend to rear brakes so the brake harder to make the rear wheels locked and the motor shuffle.

usefulness disc brakes actually be an advantage to the front brakes, because the kinetic force when driving the motor is much more effective on the front tires.

to the rear brakes are preferred for high-performance motor and a large weight because the power brake is very necessary crimes there. so for a small motor such as motor duck is not so influential, especially if not equipped with ABS, even more dangerous if there is a critical situation.