Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Helmets for Bikers, Helicopter Pilot

Vicenza (DP) - AGV helmets and Diesel launched HI-JACK, inspired from the helicopter helmet.

Both claim the helmet HI-JACK was designed from models of helmets used by helicopter pilots. HI-JACK ideal choice for riders who insist on high quality products with true Diesel style - naughty, fresh, unconventional.

Attractive appearance and graphics-chromatic graphics designed by a team of Diesel. Curved windshields made ​​of polycarbonate in transparent, silver and dark, easily changed. The windshield is guaranteed anti-scratch.

Helmet shell is made of fiberglass material ACF. Layer in easily removed and cleaned.

Price variants of black / white / SK-Y-78, black / green, black abu-abu/matt, white / striping ranging from £ 175 (Rp 2.4 million). While the colors of gold / chrome / digits, silver / chrome / black starting from £ 200 (USD 2.8 million) in the UK.

HI-JACK helmets will be available in the UK end of June 2011 with a size XXS to XL.

source: http://www.dapurpacu.com/helm-agv-diesel-hi-jack-2011