Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Latest Motocross Helmets AGV AX-8 Dual

Latest Motocross Helmets AGV AX-8 Dual, AGV, the world's leading helmet manufacturer, released a new helmet for adventure touring. Helmets with the latest series of AGV AX-8 Dual is secured lighter and no longer require goggles (glasses mask) like a motocross helmets. Terrible, canopied helmet is also claimed that used for high speed.

AGV AX-8 Dual use traditional material made ​​the same with GP-Tech series, namely seratkarbon / carbon / kevlar. This light weight material to produce a helmet only 1400 grams (medium size). In other words, he was 200 grams lighter than similar helmet that was launched on the Arai XD3.

AGV AX-8 Dual also has some similarities with the series GP-Tech. It was seen from the wide use of ventilation as well as sculpture-carvings. Even the two lateral air gap and the two rear extractor also indicates a similarity. While the D ring binder knot rope made ​​of solid titanium material.

The buyer AGV AX-8 also ta worry about with glass front that easily scratched. This product has been designed to anticipate the coating can be replaced and easily remove dirt and mud seranga.

Well, if you fall in love with the AGV AX-8, you need to spend as deep as 399 U.S. dollars in order to ask for her hand.

source: http://www.dapurpacu.com/helm-motocross-terbaru-agv-ax-8-dual