Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Arai helmet favorite Americans

Arai helmet favorite Americans. Arai helmets are still the most favorite in the American consumer in accordance study conducted by the institute researcher JD Power and Associates with the headline "U.S. 2011 Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction Study". Means, Japanese products were able to maintain performance in the U.S. for 13 consecutive years become the most satisfying consumer brand helmets.

JD Power and Associates gave the highest value of 1,000 points out of 11 attributes that are examined from a helmet. The eleven elements include kekedapan, ventilation, performance de-fogging (refining dew in glass helmet), glass helmet (while penetrating wind shield), antigores (glass helmet), ease of replacing foam, scratch resistant shell, the color and graphics, weight, ease of rope binder, and comfort during use.

Arai managed to record the average value of 852, above the average of the highest value ever recorded for 13 years before, which was just 788. According to JD Power, Arai managed to get good value for the 11 attributes of assessment, especially when used in comfort and protection from wind glass helmet.

Other brands included in the study, such as Icon (runner-up), managed to satisfy in terms of design and graphics. Shoei, who last year sat in second place, had slipped to third position despite the replacement value for the attribute of foam helmets are better than last year.

Meanwhile, in this study also found a new habit for motorcycle users in the U.S.. The tendency of consumers to buy a helmet over the Internet has increased significantly. This year, the portion of online purchases were 23 percent increase over the previous year only 20 percent. In addition, the average price of helmets increased from U.S. $ 203 in 2007 to 206 U.S. dollars (2009) and last year 209 U.S. dollars.
Source: Motorcycle