Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Arai Helmets reasons, not Sni?

Arai Helmets reasons, not ISO?
Schubert helmet - Helmets and claimed the standard F1
have the best quality in the world as a helmet Touring (Not SNI)
Arai helmet favorite Americans
1. Writing "SNI" Automatic Molding damaging Warranty

If we buy a helmet like Arai, Nolan, Schuberth Shoei until we get not just a helmet and packaging. But also some books and sheet brochure. Well in the book listed several things, including usage instructions, care to lose the factory warranty from the Warranty or certification from agencies such as Snell & DOT.

Well if we talk cause loss of Waranty and certification on the helmet, among others, make modifications to the helmet, helmet use does not fit the place or doing something that directly and indirectly to change the helmet konsturksi

Fastest man on earth to motorcycles rely on products that have not been SNI AGV

2. Installation of ISO on their products do not directly damage their image

Standard Test feasibility test clearly be much compared to Snell or DOT certification is internationally recognized and FIM. Items Snell certification - DOT will definitely pass if tested under ISO standardization, on the contrary can be said helmet with ISO standards do not necessarily pass the Snell-DOT certification. So for manufacturers such as Arai, Shoei Xlite or, it makes sense if they refuse ISO Certification & logo identified with certification that they have. The reason could be they consumers outside of Indonesia considers the quality of their products solely based on ISO or even rumors that they find they have two standards of production. So rather than be bothered in the future, they will be happy to reject the logo embossed on the SNI in their products.

Jorge Lorenzo was not afraid to bump his head as though hobby somersault helmet shielded X-Lite (Not SNI)

Narrow 3.Pasar, Terms "meticulous" and risk losing intellectual property rights

Another factor that makes a 5 star quality helmet is rejected products in pasangin logo Indonesia SNI is because the market is so small, so they will not waste time preparing SNI products with labels specifically for Indonesian market. Not to mention the bureaucracy in Indonesia is very famous njilmet and manufacturers must provide formula including admixture composition to the ISO certification body. Honest already common knowledge when the formula would fall to other manufacturers for later imitated. Remember let the company's intellectual property rights that do not secure the nation's cultural wealth alone is not ignored unless it has been captured by other countries.

According to the rules, use Arai helmets, Nolan Xlite or is illegal.
But Half Face helmet made of fiberglass or plastic foam KW III and this seat should be used because it SNI

So the bottom line or logo Safety Test?

This is often a topic of conversation. Actually what the government wants to motorcycle users? Wearing a helmet with the logo SNI or wearing a helmet with a safe as possible? It would be very funny (and inevitable) if later saw pengedara motor using Arai Helmet RX-7 for $ 7 million ticket, while the other riders who use a half face helmet made of fiberglass and a thin foam seharaga 120 000 left over just because it has a logo of SNI. No wonder this country is not forward-forward