Monday, June 6, 2011

Bajaj Pulsar 220 Buy

before you buy bajaj pulsar 220, you better pay attention, only then you ask the price of bajaj pulsar 220

Key Features
Feature: All Black styling, 3D chiselled logo, Vertical stack twin projector headlamps, Split seats, Clip-on handle bar
Benefit: Enhances the Sporty & Aggressive look of this aerodynamic machine

Feature: 4 stroke, 220 cc, 21 Ps, Digital Twin Spark Ignition engine with India's largest venturi carburettor, temperature based ignition mapping, Auto choke
Benefit: The most powerful engine of its class giving highest output & mileage because of efficient combustion of fuel & air mixture. Good startability & better torque

Feature: High wattage (55 W) twin projector lamp
Benefit: Precise, high penetrating beams with a wide spread that helps in better lighting up the road & surrounding area ensuring clear visibility even in extreme conditions

Feature: Dual hudraulic disc brakes. Front 260 mm & Rear: 230 mm
Benefit: Large diameter of the disc gives better braking performance

Feature: Wide front & rear, soft compound tubeless tyres.
Front: 90/90 X 17"
Rear: 120/80 X 17"
Benefit: Tubeless tyres donot deflate immediately in case of a puncture thereby enhancing safety & better handling. Soft compound tyres give better grip even at higher speeds

Feature: 12 V full DC
Benefit: Better starting & uniform illumination at variable speed even at stand still