Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bajaj Pulsar 220 Mileage

mileage of bajaj pulsar, to know it, you have to do the test or tests, of bajaj pulsar 220 price itself. you are the going rate kelicahan or comfort of this three-wheeler.
or simply, do the driving test. maximum mileage and ride comfort depending on road conditions.

New Bajaj Pulsar 220 S gets all new 220cc oil cooled carburetored engine with 21 Bhp of power at 8500rpm and 19 NM of torque. Though Pulsar is not technically advanced like R15 & ZMR but if you compare the price then Pulsar 220 is much better option. Pulsar 220 is also more powerful with 21 Bhp on tap in Comparison to Karizma ZMR's 17.6 Bhp and Yamaha R15's 17 Bhp.